Vaccine Exemption Requirement for Alabama Employers

Important Employer Vaccine Info from the Alabama Department of Labor
We have been asked to share this timely information with you by our friends at the Alabama Department of Labor. Please share with your members/employers.

The Alabama legislature recently passed a law (Act 2021-561) regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and an employee’s right to request an exemption to any COVID-19 vaccination mandate. Under the law, employers may not require any employee to receive a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment without providing the employee the opportunity to be exempted from the vaccination for religious or medical reasons. Employers requiring vaccination as a condition of employment must provide access to a universal exemption request form. These forms are available at no charge online at: As the employer, you are required to make this form readily available to all of your employees, along with instructions for submitting the form and instructions on how to file a request for review with an administrative law judge.After the employee fills out the form, they are to RETURN IT TO YOU, the employer, for retention. In the event that you do not approve their exemption request, you must provide the employee with instructions on how to file a request for review with an administrative law judge. Instructions for a request for review are also available at the website above.You, as the employer, will have three business days to provide any pertinent information you would like for the administrative law judge to consider in rendering a determination on your employee’s exemption claim.Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.