[Upcoming Webinar] Performance & Payment Bonds: Better Bond Forms with a Little Self-Help from ConsensusDocs

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Traditional bond forms and bespoke performance and payment bonds are often unbalanced and contain hidden traps. Bonds that create an efficient and fair approach to investigating potential defaults and decide upon remedial action is a better approach.  

Join us on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022, from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm EDT for an upcoming live webinar, Performance & Payment Bonds: Better Bond Forms with a Little Self-Help from ConsensusDocs.  

This webinar will outline a consensus approach that calls for swifter action, more innovation, and better communication. Sophisticated general contractors are increasingly using a unique self-help provision in subcontractor performance bonds to help mitigate potential losses due to default. You will also learn how responding to troubled projects using a clearly defined and time-limited, two-step surety investigation and remedial action process will positively impact your project (compared to the optional pre-termination meeting specified in the AIA 312 bond form).  

This webinar will provide you with the following key takeaways:The advantages of a self-help provision and potential abuses if not written and administered carefully.Differences in the ConsensusDocs 706 and ConsensusDocs 707 Subcontract Performance and Payment Bonds compared to the AIA 312.The importance and benefits of drafting specific timeframes for a surety’s investigation and remedial action.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from our panelists on the importance of establishing common ground between the buyers of surety bonds and the needs of a surety for a reasonably writeable risk. You will learn how new provisions were incorporated into the eight revised ConsensusDocs performance and payment bonds and how you can leverage these documents into your next project.Register Today

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