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AGC considers “workforce development” as a broad umbrella that encompasses both those activities that encourage students in elementary, middle or high school to consider the potential of a career in construction and those that help prepare young people for their first jobs in the industry, either through craft training or a two- or four-year degree.


Proper training and education is just as important as finding craft workers, project managers and supervisors. Efforts through AGC — and in conjunction with AGC Chapters and industry partners — are focused on the goal to attract, retain and train the future construction industry workforce.

Alabama AGC’s Craft Training Act

Four years ago, Alabama AGC began work on its Craft Training Act to directly address the looming skilled worker crisis — and subsequently close the skills gap in Alabama. The act was a natural extension of our highly successful Go Build Alabama campaign.

The Craft Training Act collects one dollar per $1,000 of project value on general construction building permits on public works, and uses the money generated to fund skills training programs statewide. A board composed of non-government individuals already working in the industry oversees the money and provides grants. Grant-funded programs are made available to entry-level workers, current employees of contractors and individuals who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn a trade.

For the first time in nearly 40 years a stable, statewide funding source for construction skills education has been established. Through the Craft Training Act, Alabama AGC created a Private-Public partnership that was a business-friendly, market-driven solution to the workforce problem. Since going into effect in October 2016, the Craft Training Board has approved $1.1M in grants that will be disbursed Fall 2017 to various craft education programs, schools, colleges and companies.

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Skilled Trades Academy to Help Fill Worker Shortage in Construction

By Jon Anderson, The Hoover Sun

The Hoover school system’s new Skilled Trades Academy at the Riverchase Career Connection Center is a step forward in helping meet demand for new construction industry workers, Bill Caton, chief operating officer for the Alabama Associated General Contractors, said.

Every year, there are on average 335 carpentry job openings in the eight Southeasternmost states, according to the national Associated General Contractors.

There also are on average 310 job openings for electricians, 160 job openings in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), 155 job openings for equipment operators and 145 job openings in welding, according to data the association pulled from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Many people in the construction trades are reaching retirement age, and “we’re losing ‘em faster than we’re getting ‘em,” Caton said. Read More

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Career Builder Resources

At Alabama AGC, our goal is to help you recruit, train and empower a highly skilled workforce. Whether you’re an employer, a job seeker or a student, Alabama AGC can assist you in achieving the success to provide profitability and economic growth for your company by creating opportunities for success and an improved quality of life for Alabamians. 

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Go Build Alabama

Created by the Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute, the Go Build campaign is designed to educate young people on the value of learning a trade, dispel their misconceptions about the construction industry and inspire them to consider building a career as a skilled construction tradesman.  Learn More

Get Involved: Contact or (334) 832-7300.

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There are multiple construction programs taking place across the state at all times, many of which sponsor and contribute to. Representatives from many of our member firms are partnering with high school, college and career academy, and technical college students in their area. Reach out to your local construction program to get involved, or contact us to get connected.

Below are a few ways you can connect with construction programs:

  • Invite classes for job site tours during multiple phases of a project
  • Participate in campus career fairs/recruiting events and organize mock interviews to help teach soft skills
  • Serve on program advisory boards/councils
  • Offer your trade professionals to demonstrate and help teach specific lessons with instructors
  • Deliver materials for construction lab building projects
  • Partner with school’s STEM program
  • Organize skilled trade challenges with regional schools and support SkillsUSA competitions
  • Donate money to instructors for tools/materials or to attend training
  • Arrange for field personnel to executives to visit a class and share their career path with students

Six Figures No Suits

“Six Figures, No Suits” is an original documentary series that takes viewers inside and behind the scenes of the foundation drilling industry. See what life is like working with heavy equipment on larger-than-life jobsites.