Proposed General Application Special Provisions

Listed below are proposed General Application Special Provisions for the 2022 Alabama Standard Specifications for Highway Construction. These Special Provisions are posted on the ALDOT Specifications Webpage at  To view, go to 2022 Proposed General Application Special Provisions. 

GASP No.SectionSubjectRemarks
22-GA0030450Portland Cement Concrete PavementAdds Type IP and IS cement
22-GA0036(2)105Construction Acceptance Inspection and Contractor’s Advertisement of CompletionIn 115.05, changes the time for Construction Acceptance Inspection from two weeks to four weeks from notice of presumptive completion.
22-GA0041504Steel Piling EncasementAdds Type IP and IS cement
22-GA0042506Drilled Shaft ConstructionAdds Type IP and IS cement
22-GA0043546MicropilesAdds Type IP and IS cement