Dues Schedule

Provisional Member

Provisional membership is open to companies three years old or less who qualify as a Full Member or, those who have not previously been a General Contractor member of Alabama AGC. Provisional member dues are $1,200 annually for three years, after which time the membership will be converted to Full Member status. Dues are billed annually.

Full Member

A Full Member is company that is state licensed as a general contractor. Dues are determined by using the company’s previous year’s total work volume/sales. National dues for full membership in AGC of American are included. Does are billed quarterly.

Total Volume of All WorkAnnual Dues
Under $2 million$1,800
$2 million to $4.9 million$3,500
$5 million to $9.9 million$6,000
$10 million to $14.9 million$9,000
$15 million to $19.9 million$10,000
$20 million and above$12,000

Associate Member

All members who do not qualify as a full member, such as suppliers and service providers and subcontractors who are not state licensed as a general contractor are considered associate members. Annual dues are based on a calendar year: $725

Alabama AGC Dues may be deducted as a business expense but not as a charitable contribution. 5.18% of your 2024 dues are not deductible in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 6033.