JSCC Bulldozer Course

We are excited to announce our first bulldozer course through the Skills for Success program. We are planning the lab day to take place March 8th and 9th at our Clanton campus. If you have any employees you would like to go through the training, please let me know. The course is 100% free. 

Heavy Equipment Operator (Bulldozer) training course is offered online, using a self-paced, and interactive learning approach. Upon completing the online part, students may then complete the lab portion of the course

Welcome to the Skills for Success Heavy Equipment Operator Bulldozer course with Jefferson State Community College!

Step 1: Open and complete this link… https://us-elevate.elluciancloud.com/app/accs/f?p=PV_ONLINE_REG:101:::::APP_COURSE_INSTANCE:46120504

              Step 2: After fully registering, watch your email inboxes for a message from ACCS Workforce Development with a subject line COURSE INVITATION.

Step 3: Open and BOOKMARK this website: accs.instructure.com. You can’t log in here yet, but this is where you will actually complete the course.

The operator will learn equipment applications, attachments, operating controls, preventive maintenance requirements, and basic operating techniques. This course is designed for students interested in a career in construction, heavy equipment, and earthmoving equipment operations. Operators of all skill levels will learn concepts, objectives, and safety practices required for operating a bulldozer in construction zone settings. This course teaches you about safety, machine controls, maintenance, inspection, and operating procedures. For experienced dozer operators, it’s a handy tool to refresh their knowledge. Operators learn about issues related to road and highway construction. After completing the course, participants get 16 hours of hands-on equipment operation training.

Upon successful completion of both online and hands-on portions of the course, a participant will receive an ACCS credential.

Leah M. Bigbee 

Director, Center for Workforce Education 


(205) 856-7917