Industry Review – Proposed General Application Special Provision

Listed below is a proposed General Application Special Provision for the 2022 Alabama Standard Specifications for Highway Construction. This Special Provision is posted on the ALDOT Specifications Webpage at and is attached for your convenience.  22-GA0042(2) Drilled Shaft Excavation.pdf GASP No. Section Subject 22-GA0042(2) 506 Drilled Shaft Excavation   Section 506 – Drilled Shaft Excavation: Changes in this proposed special provision are in Subarticle 506.06(b) Cleaning with deletion of allowing visual inspection for the cleanliness of a dry shaft. Subarticle 506.02(b) Concrete was just revised effective June 1, 2024. There are no changes in this subarticle in version (2). Please review and provide any comments back using the Comment Form by July 26, 2024.