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We are happy to announce that Alabama AGC has partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Alliance Insurance Group to create the Alabama AGC Association Health Plan. Members should find comfort and familiarity in being with the state’s largest insurance carrier while also being covered outside of Alabama with the BlueCard PPO network.

The Alabama AGC Association Health Plan works by allowing its member companies to band together and obtain healthcare coverage as if they were a single large employer.  Association Health Plans will also be able to strengthen negotiating power with providers from larger risk pools and greater economies of scale and allow us to develop a sustainable healthcare offering for all members.

The Alabama AGC Association Health Plan is here for you – we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and let us evaluate your expenses for you to see if we can offer savings through our plan.

AGC Will Have Three
Health Insurance Plans to Choose From:

And two dental plans to choose from:


  • Must be a member of Alabama AGC to enroll

  • Must be full time (work at least 30 hours a week)

  • The minimum number of enrollees is at least one full-time employee who is not the owner of the employer, the owner’s spouse or owner’s child.

For more information, contact:

Joey Marquez | 205-238-5290 |
Mike Hicks | 334-396-3960 |