Election Resources for AGC Members

There Are Only 42 Days Until the Midterm Elections  

AGC of America and its Construction Advocacy Fund are proud to re-launch Construction Votes as the construction industry’s election center for nonpartisan Get-Out-the-Vote information.Because the cornerstone of our system is a government of the people, increased voter participation can and will improve how that system performs for each of us. Employers are uniquely positioned (and legally allowed) to provide voter education to employees. In fact, when messages are delivered properly – employers are found to be a highly credible source of election-related information.Construction Votes helps employees:Register to vote or confirm their registration statusRequest an absentee ballotGet early voting informationVerify their polling place locationEmployers can download nonpartisan content in English and Spanish for emails and social media posts, flyers, and paycheck stuffers to help encourage employees to register to vote and then vote early or on November 8. Additional resources and guidance are also available for employers that want to talk to employees about candidates and issues, distribute legislator voting records, and host candidates at the workplace.