When an Accident Occurs

If an accident occurs on the job, time is of the essence in completing the steps below.

1. Report the accident by calling the Fall Call Line at 1.888.967.5222, or dial 1.855.660.5200 if you are enrolled for Triage and the injury is non-life threatening.

2. If you have any questions regarding the prescription program, please call 1.800.553.1783. Find pharmacy nearest you in Alabama here.

3. Use an AlaMed provider poster if there is one located in the area where the injury occurred. Make sure a post-accident drug test is administered. If you have questions or problems obtaining a drug test, please call 1.800.833.9412.

4. Complete First Report of Injury and remit to froi@mrm-llc.com or fax to 205-995-0755.

For more information, contact Susan Collins 205-451-1422 or susanc@alabamaagc.org.