Chapter Townhall: Lean Construction Education Program 2nd Edition

AGC of America is delighted to announce the completion of the highly anticipated second edition of the Lean Construction Education Program. This comprehensive course has been thoughtfully revised to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of Lean principles and their application within the construction industry. 

Join us Thursday, July 6th at 2:00 PM ET where we will unveil the exciting details of this new program and explore how your chapter can offer it to members. The townhall will include a comprehensive overview of the new course, outlining its structure and key learning objectives. We will also discuss the availability of course materials, including the anticipated release date of the accompanying books. 

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The Lean Construction Education Program, in its latest edition, covers a wide range of topics essential to exploring Lean principles. Participants will delve into the fundamentals of Lean Construction, gaining valuable insights into its philosophy and methodologies. Through the Last Planner System, participants will discover how Lean thinking can be effectively applied to field production, resulting in enhanced project coordination and overall success. Additionally, participants will explore Lean thinking beyond field production, with a focus on Lean project delivery, Lean practices in the supply chain, Lean principles in design, and effective problem-solving techniques.