Chapter Engagement Opportunity: Send Letter to Your Congressional Delegation Opposing Suspension of the Federal Gas Tax

On Monday February 28, AGC alerted all Highway and Transportation Chapters of the need to engage with their Congressional delegations on legislation that would temporarily suspend the federal gas tax. The Gas Tax Relief Act has been introduced in both the House and Senate by a handful of politically vulnerable Democrats with the stated intention of offering relief at the pump due to high gas prices.  Not only would such a move offer no promise of lower gas prices – as the tax is collected at the refinery level – it would also jeopardize federal investment in roads, bridges, and transit over the long term by undermining the funding method Congress agreed to in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.  As such, AGC is asking chapters to work with other transportation construction stakeholders in your states to send a letter to your Congressional delegations opposing this effort. You may find a letter template with relevant talking points here and a recent list of relevant Congressional staffers to email to here. If possible, taking action on this over the next week and a half would help AGC get ahead of this issue.  If you have any questions or need help facilitating this, contact Cory Gattie at