Building a Better Tomorrow: The 2021 AGC Annual Report is Now Live

Pulling together this year’s Annual Report – Building a Better Tomorrow – allows us to reflect on all that your national association accomplished in 2021. The most gratifying part of assembling the digital report , however, is appreciating how we were able to accomplish so much. The short answer is that we were so successful last year because we have engaged members and a great staff.

As you will see in the Annual Report, we had a lot of opportunities to focus on the long game in 2021 even as we continued to meet members’ immediate needs.

As you review this year’s Annual Report, and its companion video, thank a moment to thank yourselves for being so engaged. We really appreciate it. And I hope you will take as much pride in the many accomplishments listed in this annual report as I do. And if you like what you see and what to share it, please feel free to download the PDF version of the report as well.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement in AGC of America.


Stephen E. Sandherr


AGC of America