ALDOT Form HR-DBE Bidder’s List of Quoters

ALDOT Form HR-DBE Bidder’s List of QuotersThis message was sent to you by the Alabama Road Builders Association If you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can unsubscribe at any time 630 Adams Avenue, Montgomery, AL  36104 334-832-4331We have had recent discussions with ALDOT’s Bureau of Office Engineer and Construction Bureau about Form HR-DBE Bidder’s List of Quoters (attached). There has been some misunderstandings and miscommunications about the form’s requirements, which are based on 49 CFR Part 26.11 9 (Code of Federal Regulations). To be clear, the form must be completed in its entirety and list all quoters including DBEs, non-DBE subcontractors, and all vendors/suppliers. It must be submitted with your bid package and then the updated version submitted with your DBE Utilization Plan. Failure to submit a completed form that is included with bid and U-Plan may result in the bid being considered non-responsive and rejected.You may not submit a partially completed form or a note that says for example, “Still working on-will provide at a later date”. This is incorrect and will not be accepted.  The form and its requirements, especially listing all firms who have quoted work or materials, has been an issue that the Construction Bureau has had to periodically update the industry on since assuming the responsibilities of the contractual portion of the DBE Program in 2004. We thank ALDOT for reaching out and emphasizing this again. For those who are not aware, the data from all these submittals is used to determine which DBE firms are “ready, willing, and able” to bid and is a baseline in the DBE goal calculations.

ALDOT Bidders List of Quoters.pdf