AGC Highway Chapters Action Alert   

On April 11, AGCA will send all members in highway/transportation chapters (including joint building/highway chapters) an action alert. The alert urges members to oppose any effort by the Federal Highway Administration to withdraw the 1978 Buy America waiver for manufactured products. If this waiver is withdraw, it will be very hard for our members to build highway projects. Your help is needed to help amplify this alert and AGCA has the follow resources you can share:  Link to the alert: a reminder, do not forward the personalized action alert email you receive from me or the website link that appears in your browser when you click the “Take Action” button in the email. The action alert link is personalized to an advocate’s profile. Please only use the above link if you forward the alert to your membership or post on social media.  Link to the interactive map showing where and how many individuals are taking action:  

Texting number and keyword: Text “DOT” to 52886.Social media images: FHWA  Social media content: @USDOTFHWA is moving to throw out decades-old supply chain precedent for good politics. Tell @SecretaryPete to leave the Buy America manufactured products waiver in place and focus on fixing the supply chain and reducing highway fatalities. #AGCAdvocacy
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