34th ANNUAL National AGC Safety Awards

The National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program has been an ongoing effort since 1991 to offer AGC members an opportunity to evaluate their safety record.  The NASA compares an AGC member’s safety record with other AGC members according to the member size and construction type.  Additionally, the NASA provides a great opportunity for members who have excellent safety records to compete for nationally recognized awards.

Eligibility: These awards are open to AGC member companies only. The 3-year participation requirement has been removed.

How to Enter: Fill out the member entry form and return to Tom Robinson at tomr@alagc.org no later than February 12, 2024.

Award Categories: The NASA program has two award categories, AGC Member Awards and AGC Chapter Safety Awards.

AGC Member Awards: The AGC Member Awards are given to members who have a zero-incidence rate or who have an incidence rate 25 percent below each occupational division’s average (AGC divisions include: Building, Highway, Federal & Heavy, Utility Infrastructure, and Associate/Specialty).

  • AGC provides awards to members who have a zero-incidence rate – Certificate of Commendation.
  • AGC provides awards to members who have an incidence rate below 25 percent of their division rate – Certificate of Commendation.

            AGC will send all member awards to the Chapter for distribution.

AGC Chapter Safety Awards: The AGC Chapter Safety Awards are based on a weighted average of participation and the overall incidence rate of the Chapter’s members. Each Chapter is divided into four size categories:

  • Less than 50 members;
  • 50-100 members;
  • 101-200 members; and
  • Over 200 members.

The first-place winners for each category will receive plaques and the second and third place winners will receive Certificates of Excellence.

34th Annual National AGC Safety Awards

Program Description

Why You Should Participate: The National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program has been an ongoing effort since 1991 to offer AGC members an opportunity to evaluate their safety record.  Participating members receive a confidential printout to compare their company’s safety statistics with similar size and type AGC members both locally and nationally. The NASA provides a great opportunity for members with excellent safety records to compete for nationally recognized awards.  Additionally, this information can be used to assist in determining if additional accident prevention and loss-control measures are necessary.

Who Can Participate: AGC members with direct-hire, job-site craft labor are eligible to compete in the following divisions:

  • Building
  • Federal & Heavy
  • Highway
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Associate/Specialty

How the Program Works: This program is similar to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (BLS‑OSHA) recordkeeping systems. The completed OSHA Form 300A Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses provides the information needed for participation in the NASA Program.

The data is tabulated to produce total lost workday case incidence rates (excluding restricted workdays). The formula for computing “incidence” is structured to multiply the incidence cases involving days away from work (N) times 200,000. The resulting product is then divided by the work hours of exposure (WH). The formula is the days away case incidence rate.

Days Away, Case Incidence Rate = N x 200,000


WH is the number of work hours for the calendar year 2023 (including office hours). N is the number of days-away-from-work cases, which represents the number of cases resulting in days away from work but does not include job transfer or restricted activity.  N is obtained from the total amount of entries recorded in section (H), total number of cases with days away from work, of the OSHA form 300A.

What a Member Must Do to Participate: AGC members will receive a NASA participant form or application from their AGC Chapter. Transfer the appropriate information from the OSHA form 300A, including the work-hour data, to the NASA participant form or application and provide it to your local Chapter by their deadline.

34th Annual National AGC Safety Awards

Participant Form

Complete your OSHA form 300A “Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses” for 2023.

Review your OSHA form 300A and note:

  • Section (G) “Total number of deaths”;
  • Section (H) “Total number of cases with days away from work”;
  • Section (I) “Total number of cases with job transfer or restriction”;
  • Section (J) “Total number of other recordable cases”; and
  • Employment Information “Total hours worked by all employees last year”.

Report your company’s numbers from the OSHA form 300A – section (G), section (H), section (I), section (J) and work hours – to your AGC Chapter contact person, via e-mail, telephone, fax, or mail.

  Locate your chapter code and name on the Chapter Code List. If you belong to multiple chapters, submit your participant form to one chapter only.If you are unsure of your AGC Member ID Number, contact your chapter.Review the Division Descriptions before selecting your division/construction type(s).If you perform work in multiple divisions, you can do one of the following:Compete in one division by submitting your safety statistics and work hours for that division only; orCompete in multiple divisions by separating your safety statistics and work hours accordingly.Multiple entries in the same division are not allowed. Regardless of where you perform work, all safety statistics and work hours must be reported.  

Chapter Code and Name (see Chapter Code List below):

AGC Member ID Number (contact Chapter if unsure):

Company Name (as it should appear on the award):

Contact Person (Name and Phone Number):

AGC Division/ Construction TypeOSHA Form 300A Data
(G)(H)(I)(J)Total Hours Worked
Federal & Heavy     
Utility Infrastructure     

34th Annual National AGC Safety Awards

Division Descriptions

  1. The following divisions apply to members who are General Contractors (GCs) ONLY. A general contractor is usually responsible for supplying of all material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of a project. GCs may perform work in one or more of these divisions.
  • Building: Projects include single-tenanted or multi-tenanted office buildings, restaurants and retailers, industrial facilities such as heavy manufacturing, bulk warehouse, mixed-use industrial and office space, and light assembly, as well as multifamily properties – condos, apartment, townhomes, high-rise apartment buildings, co-ops, etc.
  • Highway: Projects include highways, bridges, lane expansions, interchange improvements, new interchanges or alignments, overpasses, pedestrian bridges, road tunnels, transit and railroad projects.
  • Federal & Heavy: Federal projects are completed for the Corps of Engineers, NAVFAC, the Air Force, GSA or other federal agencies; any type of marine construction or dredging projects for sports and inland waterways; flood control and prevention projects for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Bureau of Reclamation and any industrial plant construction. Heavy contractors’ operations may not fall within the definition of the other divisions and engages in heavy construction other than buildings. The completed projects include but are not limited to sewers, irrigation projects, flood control projects, trenching/excavating, and marine construction.
  • Utility Infrastructure: Projects are related to water and wastewater, underground utility, site preparation and other types of public works construction such as public facilities, gas, water, sewer, or electrical. Construction or rehabilitation is typically underground, but is not all-inclusive and may be open, cut or trenchless. 
  • The following division applies to members who are not GCs.

Associate/Specialty: Specialty contractors’ operations do not fall within the definition of “general contractor”. A specialty contractor may only subcontract work that is incidental to the specialty contractor’s work. Vendors and suppliers also fall into this division. A vendor or supplier is any company that provides construction services or materials, manufactured products, construction equipment or other goods to contractors or specialty contractors.

34th Annual National AGC Safety Awards

Chapter Code List

01A – Alabama AGC31A – Nevada Chapter-AGC
02A – AGC Of Alaska31B – Nevada Contractors Association
03A – Arizona Chapter-AGC32A – AGC of New Hampshire
03B – Arizona Builders’ Alliance33A – Associated Constr Contractors of New Jersey
04A – AGC Arkansas34A – Associated Contractors of New Mexico
05A – AGC of California34B – AGC New Mexico
05B – San Diego Chapter35A – AGC of New York State LLC
06A – Carolinas AGC36A – AGC of North Dakota
07A – AGC of Colorado Building Chapter37A – AGC of Ohio
07B – Colorado Contractors Association37C – Ohio Contractors Association
08A – AGC of Connecticut38A – AGC of Oklahoma Building Chapter
09A – Delaware Contractors Association38B – Association of Oklahoma General Contrs
10A – AGC of Metropolitan Washington DC38C – Oklahoma Municipal Contractors Assn
11B – South Florida Chapter-AGC39A – Oregon-Columbia Chapter-AGC
11E – Florida East Coast Chapter-AGC40B – MBA of Western Pennsylvania
12A – AGC Georgia40C – Constr Assn of Western Pennsylvania
13A – General Contractors Association of Hawaii40D – General Building Contractors Association
14A – Idaho AGC40E – Contractors Assn of Eastern Pennsylvania
15A – Chicagoland AGC41A – Puerto Rico Chapter-AGC
15B – Northern Illinois Bldg Contractors Assn42A – Rhode Island Chapter-AGC
15C – AGC of Illinois43A – AGC of South Dakota
15D – Southern Illinois Builders Assn43B – AGC South Dakota Building Chapter
15E – Central Illinois Builders of AGC44A – AGC of East Tennessee
16A – Indiana Constructors, Inc.44D – AGC of Tennessee
16C – AGC of Indiana45A – TEXO
17A – AGC of Iowa45D – AGC Houston
17B – Master Builders of Iowa45E – San Antonio Chapter
18A – AGC of Kansas45F – AGC of Texas Hwy, Heavy, Util-Indust Branch
18B – Kansas Contractors Association45G – Panhandle of Texas Chapter-AGC
19B – AGC of Kentucky45H – AGC of Southeast Texas
19C – AGC of Western Kentucky45I – South Texas Chapter
20E – Louisiana AGC45K – Austin Chapter-AGC
21A – AGC of Maine45L – Central Texas Chapter-AGC
22A – Maryland AGC45N – Rio Grande Valley Chapter
23A – AGC of Massachusetts45O – West Texas Chapter
24B – AGC of Michigan46A – AGC of Utah
25A – AGC of Minnesota47A – AGC of Vermont
26A – AGC of Mississippi48A – AGC of Virginia
27A – Mississippi Valley Branch-AGC49A – AGC of Washington
28A – Kansas City Chapter49C – Inland Northwest Chapter-AGC
28B – AGC of Missouri50A – Contractors Association of West Virginia
28D – Heavy Constrs Assn Gr Kansas City Area51A – AGC of Greater Milwaukee
29A – Montana Contractors Association51B – AGC of Wisconsin
30A – Nebraska Building Chapter-AGC52A – Wyoming Contractors Assn
30B – Nebraska Chapter