ALDOT Special Provisions


General Application Special Provision

Alabama Standard Specifications, 2018 Edition, Section 450
shall be replaced by the following:

Section 450
Portland Cement Concrete Pavement

The work covered by this Section consists of constructing a pavement of Portland Cement Concrete

Alabama Standard Specifications, 2018 Edition, Section 405
shall be replaced by the following:

Section 405
Tack Coat

The work under this Section shall cover the furnishing and placing of a bituminous tack coat on a surface which is to be covered by a bituminous plant mix material in accordance with these specifications and in reasonably close conformity with the lines shown on the plans or directed by the Engineer. The work shall include cleaning the surface prior to application of the tack coat. The area of treatment and the rate of application of a tack coat shall be based on the plans and specifications after evaluating the actual surface condition on which the plant mix overlay is to be placed.

Industry Review List,
Attached are proposed General Application Special Provisions for the 2018 Standard Specifications for Highway Construction. SP NumberSectionSubject18-0225450Concrete Pavement18-1024405, 407Tack Coat for HMA Pavement
Please review and provide any comments you may have. The deadline for submitting comments is Friday, January 29, 2021.

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