Legislative Update 5.6.20

The Alabama Legislature is meeting now. The Statehouse is closed to

everyone except the legislators and some staff. Not all of the members are

present but there is enough for a quorum in both houses. As we reported

before the only business that they are supposed to take up are the budgets

and local bills. However, there are two items that you might want to be aware


First, SB242 would authorize one billion dollars in bonds to be issued for

capital improvement for public schools, community colleges and other

colleges. This would, of course, be great for the construction industry and the

members of your association. The bill has passed the senate and we hope

that the house will take this measure up before they adjourn. Before the shut

down began AGC was working hard for this bond issue’s passage.

Second, SB330 was written by the Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee,

(ACJRC). AGC sits on the Board of Directors of that group. This legislation

would provide employers, businesses and health care providers with much

needed protection against civil liability associated with COVID-19. We have

provided you with a synopsis of the bill. It is not certain at this time whether or

not this bill will be acted on since it is not a local bill or a budget related

measure. If not it will be our priority in any special session later in the year.

We will keep you posted on these measures and the rest of the regular


Again, please stay safe.

Until next time. . . . . . .

Chris Williams

Director, Governmental Relations