Legislative Update 3.2.20

The 2020 regular session continues. Eight legislative days have been

used leaving 22

Issues that AGC is monitoring:

SB23 is the sunset bill for your licensing board; it will continue the

board until 2023. The bill has passed the Senate and awaits action in

the House.

HB287 this would remove the requirement for your licensing board to

transfer their unencumbered funds to the State General Fund at the

end of the fiscal year. We will follow the lead of the board on this


HB300 would create a judicial review board to hear complaints of

discrimination against licensing boards. We will oppose this attempt to

create another unneeded state agency.

SB126 deals with design professionals and indemnification. There is

much work being done on this legislation. There is a possibility that

there could be a substitution or an entirely new bill. AGC is monitoring

this situation and giving input from the general contractor’s


SB178 this bill would allow an awarding authority to negotiate with

the lowest responsible and responsive bidder when all bids received

exceed the funding available to the awarding authority for the

contract, provided that the awarding authority can document the

shortage of funding, that time is of the essence, and that the

negotiated changes are in the public interest and do not materially

alter the scope and nature of the project. This bill has been amended

to apply only to projects at four-year institutions of higher education.

And finally Senate House joint Resolution 18 ( SJR18). This resolution

recognizes and congratulates the Alabama AGC on its 100 anniversary

has passed the Senate and awaits action by the House.

Until next time…..

Chris Williams

Director, Governmental Relations