Legislative Update 2.10.2020

The second regular session of the quadrennium began at noon on

Tuesday February 4th. Governor Ivey gave her State of the State address

later that day. She touched on prison reform, education, and pay raises

for state employees and teachers among other subjects.

Several bills have been introduced that AGC will be working on:

HB23 by Pringle would allow the Examiners of Public Accounts to charge

an agency “a reasonable” fee for sunset reports. Without a maximum this

really means whatever they choose to charge. Should this bill begin to

move AGC will work against its passage.

Your Licensing board is up for sunset this year. SB23 would continue the

board until October 1, 2023. AGC will work for the passage of this


There are two bills that deal with Toll Roads and Bridges. The first, SB151

would require The Department of Transportation to complete “an

economic impact study on any proposed Toll Road, Bridge or tunnel”.

Second, SB152 is a Constitutional Amendment that would require a

“referendum before a proposed toll may be fixed, changed, or collected

for the construction, renovation, or use of a public road, bridge or tunnel

project on and existing interstate or highway”.

And finally, what may be the burning issue to face the legislature this

session is SB98. This bill would make the Sweet Potato the official state

vegetable. Alabama is the 6th; largest producer of the beloved spud and

the crop brings an estimated $9 million to the state annually. The bill is

on the fast trick as it is already out of committee.

We are sure that there will be more to come.

Until next time…..

Chris Williams

Director, Governmental Relations