ALDOT Preconstruction Conferences


Preconstruction Conferences

Effective immediately, in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact, we are going to minimize on-site Preconstruction Conferences required by Subarticle 108.04(a).  These conferences are still required prior to beginning work, but we need to convert these to teleconferences as much as possible to minimize travel and exposure for all parties. 

 For typical resurfacing projects and projects with small scope of works (simply bridge replacement, intersection improvements, lighting, etc.), all should be able to be held by teleconference.  For a more complex project such as a major bridge replacement with roadway work, utility relocation, multiple subs, etc., it may be more difficult to do this be teleconference since the larger the group the more likely folks are to talk over each other on an issue.  If the project and participants are enough that you feel you need to meet on-site, then we need to schedule it in one of our larger conference rooms or auditoriums to allow for proper social distancing.  However, you could allow those that play a major role in the meeting to attend in person and then have those with lesser roles, such as other staff members or a sub who won’t talk very much or even at all, call in and teleconference so they are still hear the discussion points like normal. That could apply to ALDOT as well where the Area Construction Engr may be conducting the meeting with the Prime’s personnel and some utility representatives sitting around the table while some of the Area Construction and Materials’ personnel are calling in like the subcontractors. 

 Of course, having these conferences by teleconference means that the agenda has be to email to all participants prior to the meeting so they understand what will be discussed.

 ALDOT has teleconference numbers available, although they must be scheduled.  If one cannot be coordinated with an acceptable time with the Contractor and the Contractor has one, it is acceptable to use his. Basically, we don’t care what number is called as long the required participants can be on the call.

 Thanks to all for your understanding and cooperation as we move forward with the keeping the work ongoing in these trying days.  As always, if you have questions or need/want to discuss, please feel to call me.


Skip Powe, P.E.
State Construction Engineer
Alabama Department of Transportation
Construction Bureau
(334) 242-6209