COVID19 Update

Dear Alabama AGC membership, as we continue to address the coronavirus and it’s effects on every day life, we intend to be responsive to the needs of our members as we provide services and offer you the best available information on everything related to this issue and the construction industry like we have for over 100 years. In the coming weeks we have asked our employees, if they deem it necessary, to consider the option of working remotely until things calm down. Rest assured, your services as a member of Alabama AGC will not be diminished. Please know we are all working together to pull through this and will provide you with the best information as the situation continues to develop. In the event you are unable to get an answer to a question as the result of our limited staff as we work through this crisis, you are always welcome to call or email me anytime if you cannot reach a particular employee or need help on a certain issue. My phone number is 334-202-9640 and my email is  We are here to serve you and look forward to coming through this better on the other side. Thank you for all your support of Alabama AGC.

  • We are monitoring COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation on a daily-basis.  Although we currently have no plans to limit office and conference center availability, plans may change as circumstances change.

  • Our cleaning service is disinfecting all surfaces that may be touched by human hands or exposed to respiratory droplets on a daily basis. 

  • We have been assured by our supplier that we have ample access and supply to hand sanitizer, soap, disinfectant, and toilet paper – there are multiple soap dispensers and hand sanitizers located throughout the building.  Please encourage its frequent use with your staff and guests.

  • We ask all tenants and conference center users to monitor their staff and guests.  Should any exhibit flu-like symptoms, we ask they not enter the building until such symptoms have run the course of incubation.