August “Asks”: Workforce, Immigration, Infrastructure

AGC Membership,

By the end of the day, both chambers of Congress will be on recess until September 9. With U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators at home in your areas, you may have an opportunity to engage them on the top issues facing the industry, including Workforce Development, Immigration and Federal Highway & Transit Infrastructure Reauthorization.  Please see the information below to see if your Representatives and Senators have cosponsored AGC-backed, priority legislation on these issues.

In addition, please find attached one-pagers for your use on all of these issues as well as AGCA’s complete recommendations for the Federal Highway & Transit Reauthorization. If you would like hard copies of AGCA’s complete recommendations mailed to your Chapter, we are happy to do so. In addition to using the complete recommendations document for advocacy purposes, some Chapters have used them as membership recruitment tools.  


Also, in conjunction with AGCA’s annual workforce survey release in late August/early September, we will be highlighting the bipartisan JOBS Act—which would expand federal student financial aid eligibility (i.e., Pell Grants) to short-term career education programs/certifications—as a part of a “Back-to-School” time message tie into the industry’s workforce needs


As always, thanks for all that you do. –Jimmy


  • Workforce Development: Expand Pell Grants to Construction


§ FOR HOUSE & SENATE: Cosponsor the JOBS Act (H.R. 3497/S. 839)

    • Existing Sponsors & Cosponsors of H.R. 3497/S. 839




  • Immigration: Create New Guest Worker Visa Program for Construction


§ FOR HOUSE: Cosponsor the Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act (H.R. 1740)

§ FOR SENATE: Introduce Companion Bill to Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act (H.R. 1740)

    • Existing House Sponsors & Cosponsors of H.R. 1740:



  • Federal Highway & Transit Infrastructure Reauthorization:


§ FOR HOUSE: Follow the Senate’s lead and move a federal highway and transit reauthorization now.

§ FOR SENATE: Pay for and pass America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act (S. 2302)


AGCA Immigration Guest Worker One Pager

19 AGC’s FAST Act Reauthorization Recommendations

AGCA Reauthorization Recs One-Pager

AGCA JOBS Act Workforce One Pager