ARBA Board – Alternative Bidding of Pavement Material

Yesterday afternoon, ALDOT emailed to announce changes to their concrete paving specs.  The email and the attachment are below.  It allows for the use of 100% limestone in new concrete paving, requires concrete shoulders be included with concrete paving, and limits thickness to no more than 12 inches. 

Obviously, this is a concession ALDOT has made to Del Marsh with respect to the concrete industry’s involvement in the process.  Obviously, concerns regarding pavement selection in a bill are moot as it appears this is the way their concerns have been met.

On another note, I have been informed that plans are being made to provide the Mobile Port with $10mm a year out of any new revenue generated.  I believe this to be the result of political pressure from Shelby who has secured some federal funding for the port which requires state matching funds.

Two of the working groups on infrastructure (Revenue & Policy) are meeting this morning where these and other items will be discussed.  I’ll report back this afternoon.

Tom Layfield

Executive Director

Alabama Road Builders Association

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