Get-Out-the-Vote 2018

People fail to vote for a lot of reasons —lack of awareness, apathy, confusion, or the belief that “my vote won’t make a difference.” No matter how well AGC educates and motivates its members, it’s important to remember that our work won’t count unless we register their employees. It takes inspiration plus registration to increase voter participation.

Chapters can mobilize their members by first making sure company employees are registered to vote — and that includes members of their families!

The key to making every vote count is to make every vote easy, no matter what the circumstances.

AGC makes sure members always know when elections are happening, and have the right information to vote with confidence. At or, members can download election-related resources (coming soon!) and their employees can sign up to receive election reminders, register to vote, and apply for your absentee ballot!

Download these resources for your chapter: