Association Health Plan Survey

In a continuing effort to serve the needs of our Association, Alabama AGC has been working on solutions to deliver quality, affordable healthcare to our membership. Last month, via executive order, President Trump made significant changes to the law. This change will allow Associations such as ours to develop an Association Health Plan (AHP). The concept is not new, however, regulations have made it difficult in the past. Our hope is that this deregulation will allow us to broaden the scope of healthcare by providing access, cost containment features and control back to the plan payers, not the insurance companies and regulators. 

In order to move forward, we ask you to participate by completing the attached survey.  The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, and should be completed by the person within your company responsible for your company‚Äôs health plan.  We ask that all surveys be completed by Wednesday, July 25.

As always, thank you for your efforts and continued support as we continue to explore these options. Trust Alabama AGC will treat your information confidentially, and we request you keep our research confidential at this point.