Apply now for Craft Training Grants

Deadline for grant submissions is May 25.

The Craft Training Board awarded $1.1 million in grants in 2017 and the 2018 grant cycle is upon us.

     Included here are checklists for contractors and training providers to navigate the grant application process. It all begins with forming a committee of contractors and working with a training provider to determine training needs and methods for your area. Alabama AGC members should contact your Section Manager to get the process rolling.

     You can find a Grant Application Toolbox on the Alabama AGC website that provides step-by-step instructions on creating a successful grant application, synopses of NCCER curricula and a link to the grant application. Go to: Grant Toolbox

     If you have questions or need help getting started, please contact Josh Caton at the Alabama AGC at (205) 451-1400 or by email