Lunch and Learn Presentation Now Available: Managing Workplace Behavior in the #MeToo Era

Last week, we hosted a free lunch and learn on how to manage workplace behavior in the #MeToo era. The #MeToo awakening has brought years of abuse and misconduct by those in positions of power to light and caught the attention of our nation.  While many stories relate to the media and politicians, this new era is an issue that small businesses and contractors must be prepared to address.  This session discussed some examples of the recent movement and how they may impact the business sector moving forward.  This included discussing legal and public relations concerns as well as the best strategies for responding to allegations of sexual harassment in your workplace.  The goal of the presentation was to help members of the AGC plan for the appropriate methods to prevent, respond to and correct harassment in the workplace.

See full PowerPoint Presentation from Huie, Fernambucq & Stewart Attorneys Joe Duncan and Kelly May HERE>