Package Discounts: CompTrustAGC & AGCP&C Just Got Better

As our members and agent partners you are familiar with the power of A-rated CompTrustAGC and our new product, A-rated AGCP&C. And now those great products just got better. We are offering package discounts for CompTrustAGC members who choose to add the power of AGCP&C to their coverage portfolios.

AGCP&C coverages are made possible through a powerful partnership with the A-rated CompTrustAGC and an A-rated facility through Benchmark Insurance Co., a respected national carrier.  So, the coverages are all on A-rated paper backed by CompTrustAGC’s financial resources and experienced staff.

Nobody does construction insurance like CompTrustAGC and we are lending that expertise to the new AGCP&C products. We work in a close partnership with our third party administrator to make sure that all underwriting, safety and service are up to our industry-leading standards.

CompTrustAGC is working hard on AGCP&C to provide our contractor members with the outstanding level of service for which we are known. And, of course, CompTrustAGC and Benchmark ensure our members that financial security is never a concern.

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