ALDOT Required Contract Provisions


Required Contract Provisions – Federal Aid Construction Contracts

I have been asked by Mr. McBrien, State Office Engineer to remind Prime contractors that for all federal projects the FHWA-1273, “Required Contract Provisions – Federal-Aid Construction Contracts” must be included in each subcontract and lower tier subcontracts.  When a subcontractor is approved, the Prime contractor will receive a Sublet Computation and Approval form.  Please note this section at the bottom of the approval form that states, “… A copy of FHWA form 1273 and a copy of any applicable special provisions should be made a part of the subcontract; and the subcontractor should be reminded that he must comply with these requirements while working on this project”.  ALDOT has not required FHWA-1273 to be sent with the Requests for Permission to Sublet Work (RPSW) previously; however, it may become a requirement soon.  Please include the FHWA-1273 (that should be a part of your subcontract) with all future submittals of the RPSW.  Failure to send the FHWA-1273 will not stop the approval process at this point, but we would like for the contractors to get in the habit of including this section with the RPSW.  When this becomes an official requirement, notification with more information will be sent at that time.

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