$2.2 billion development in the works for Huntsville-Decatur area

NORTH ALABAMA (WHNT) — A $2.2 billion development is being eyed at the intersections of Interstates 65 and 565. The planners behind the development say their vision for the land could stretch 30 years into the future.

Nashville’s Rochford Realty & Construction Co., Inc. and Land Innovations of Brentwood, Tenn., are partnering for the planned development situated between Huntsville and Decatur near Mooresville.Huntsville looking to secure federal grant money for Mill Creek Redevelopment Project

The partners (collectively) have been eyeing property in North Alabama for over 10 years.

Over 3,500 residential units and 200 thousand square feet of commercial space have been planned for this development. By prioritizing walkability, mixed-use spaces, and community interaction…the developers say they promise to cultivate a vibrant, people-centered environment.

“Even though we have the master designs that we put in place, we also recognize for places to feel as good as they can and be as comfortable as they can for the people that live there…they have to develop somewhat organically,” Rochford Realty & Construction Co., Inc. VP of Administration Trey Rochford stated. 

Also involved is the family of 1818 Farms co-owner Laurence McCrary, a long-time presence in Mooresville.

https://b4f19b4d8e0d9eb766c4547c4f10df2e.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-40/html/container.htmlConstruction now underway for major downtown development across from the VBC

“For me and my sister, Margaret Anne Crumlish, being a 5th generation Mooresville family means that this area is not only where we live, it means we have a responsibility to maintain what makes it special,” Lawrence McCrary said. “Finding like-minded developer partners who bring an expertise in land planning, placemaking, architectural design, and incorporating surrounding nature has enabled us an opportunity to grow the surrounding area the right way: honoring the craftsmanship that came before us while building for future generations to come.”

Land Innovations, LLC. President, David Horwath, says this project represents a unique opportunity to establish a lasting legacy that resonates far beyond its physical footprint. Horwath says leveraging the lessons learned from their eight years of development in Stephens Valley, Nashville, Tenn., they are committed to creating communities that not only thrive economically but also enrich the lives of its residents.

Horwath also extends his gratitude to the McCrary family for helping to make this development a reality. 

“We needed a special family…a special family that cared more about the legacy than a short-term financial return,” Horwath stated. “They understood that if we did it under this model that we could create a town that will not only impact a particular jurisdiction but an entire region for generations to come.”

Both Horwath and Rochford tell News 19 they plan to spend the next 18 months working on annexation and zoning for the project, which lies in an unincorporated area of Limestone County.