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  • CEFA/IEC Hold Graduation at AGC

    The Construction Education Foundation and Independent Electrical Contractors Association held their joint Apprentice Appreciation and Awards program on February 27, 2014 at the AGC headquarters.  The event featured the largest gathering of students and employers in event history.

    Follow this link to see pictures: CEFA Graduation Banquet Pictures

    It was very fitting the event was hosted in the Henry T. Hagood, Jr. conference center.  Henry was a supporter of trade training throughout his tenure with AGC.  Henry was instrumental in creating CEFA in 2001.  Their vision was to see a broad-based training program develop so the industry could meet the demand for trained workforce.

    In 2013 CEFA provided training in the following trades: Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Pipefitting, Sheet Metal and Welding.  Several organizations have supported this effort by providing access to facilities so robust hands on training can be delivered in a shop environment.  American Pipe and Supply has hosted plumbing training, Hardy Corporation has hosted Sheet Metal and Pipefitting and Jefferson County Schools thru the use of the Dabbs Technical School has hosted welding.  There is a long list of companies who have placed students in training as well as the Jefferson County Office of Workforce Development, (WIA).  WIA funded training has allowed CEFA to create a small labor pool of individuals who have started learning a trade while seeking employment.  CEFA has been successful in placing just of 65% of the students in jobs in the industry or related to the industry.  According to Byron McCain, “a contractor told him several years ago, if you can create a labor pool that would be a tremendous benefit to the industry.”  “It has taken a few years (in a bad construction economy) for the concept to grow into reality, but we have arrived at the point where we are able to supply limited entry level labor who have trade knowledge,” said Mr. McCain.

    The Go Build campaign is effective.  We are seeing an increase in the number of people inquiring about trade education.  CEFA is owned by the industry and has a solid history of helping students get jobs in the industry.  The good news is we will have over 12 students paying their own tuition to enter training as we enter 2014.  The opportunity for a contractor to hire a new employee who has paid for and participated in training on a pre-employment basis is growing.

    CEFA is working to expand the number of self-funded students by increasing the number of Scholarships dollars available to prospective students.  Proceeds from the Annual Golf tournament have funded the scholarship program and this year the goal is to double from 10K to 20k the net funds available for scholarships.  Many people may see this article about training and scholarship funding after the Golf event on April 21st.  If so, and you want to donate to the scholarship fund, just contact Byron McCain at CEFA.

    The following students completed the 600 hour electrical curriculum and were presented graduation certificates: John Cook, Marathon Electrical Contractors, Michael Eddings, Pinnacle Electric, Inc., Ray Fortenberry, IEC/CEFA Labor Pool, Andy Hartsfield, Bright Future Electric, Inc., Brandon Hawkins, Stone and Sons Electrical Contractors Inc., Marc Mensah, Bright Future Electric Inc., Karl Moeller, Premier Service Company, Gary Thornburg, IEC/CEFA Labor Pool.  Andy Hartsfield received the award for the highest grade point average.  He also received the prestigious Richard M. Reeve, Jr. Outstanding 4th Year Student Award.  Mr. Reeve is recognized for having help found the electrical training program over 30 years ago.  Mayer Electric Company provides each graduate with a set of tools valued in excess of $300.00.

    Students in each trade class were invited to attend and receive public recognition for progress in the training program.  The names listed below is only a partial list of students in training because it reports  who actually were present to receive a certificate of completion.  There are many others were not able to attend who completed various levels of training.  CEFA provides training in levels that are comprised of 160 hours for each level.


  • North Section Honors Members

    By Josh Caton
    Director of Membership

    The North Alabama Section of the Alabama AGC, during its February meeting, honored members for some outstanding projects completed in 2013.

    Dell McDonald, Alabama AGC Treasurer and president of the North Alabama Section, presented awards in several categories:  Outstanding Safety Performance, New Construction Management, New Building Construction Under $5 Million, and New Construction Management Under $5 Million.

    Contractors recognized were:  Alan Mitchell of Mitchell Industrial Contractors, Outstanding Safety Performance; Jim Maynard with Martin and Cobey, New Construction Management for Hartselle High School; Joe Moon of Moon Construction, New Building Construction Under $5 Million for Cognitive Fish Flume in Vicksburg, MS; Kelly Howard of Martin and Cobey, New Construction Management Under $5 Million for the Lawrence County Judicial and Administrative Center in Moulton.

    “The North Section awards are an excellent way to recognize some of the outstanding work done by our members,” said Bill Caton, Alabama AGC Chief Operating Officer. “These projects also were winners at the statewide level and were recognized at the Alabama AGC BuildSouth Awards Banquet.”

    Follow the link to pictures: North Section Awards Recipients


  • Alabama AGC Providing a Unified Voice

    As of the first of this year, all contractor members of the Alabama AGC in Alabama or Florida who hold the GC license will gain the full member designation. This classification change greatly expands the role of the specialty contractors in the AGC.

    It means that going forward the Alabama AGC will better represent the entire construction industry and will be a contractor-led association. Within Alabama AGC general contractors and specialty contractors will have the same leadership roles.

    What the change means:

    • This membership classification better reflects the changing relationships of contractors. Expanding the leadership role of Specialty Contractors will help the Alabama AGC Chapter-wide Board of Directors better represent the industry by providing a more unified voice.
    • As the role of Specialty Contractors has changed over the years, the Alabama AGC membership has discussed changing its membership classification. Specialty Contractors have asked for a more active role in the association and this new membership status provides that.
    • All new contractors who hold the GC license are coming in as full members. So, they already are eligible to serve in leadership roles in the Alabama AGC.
    • An example of the effects of this membership change is the ongoing work on the subcontractor licensing law. Mark Harry with Marathon Electric is chairman of the committee. Mark is vice president of the Birmingham Section and serves on the Chapter-wide Board of Directors.
    • Rick Pate with Pate Landscape in Montgomery is a specialty contractor who is now a full member and serves as second vice president of the Alabama AGC. He will be president of the Alabama AGC in 2015.

    Please call Josh Caton at (205) 451-1400 with questions.


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