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  • CompTrustAGC: The Best in the Industry

    Alabama AGC’s workers’ compensation fund, CompTrustAGC, remains one of the largest, most stable construction self-insured fund in the state. CompTrustAGC is the only self-insured fund in Alabama with an A.M. Best rating of A-.

    What does this mean to a contractor? While you work hard to ensure that your business is financially secure you may not be if you are in a fund that is not financially secure. Participants in a self-insured fund are joint and several liable for the other participants. So, if the fund you are in is not financially sound you could be responsible for liabilities it incurs.

    CompTrustAGC has more than $80 million in assets with a members’ equity of $40 million. Which means it can pay every claim incurred with $40 million to spare.

    You can become a leader in the industry through participation in Alabama AGC. And, you have the ability to place your business with a secure, financially sound workers’ compensation fund located in Alabama with a secured A.M. Best rating that no other Alabama fund has.

    With today’s economy, this gives you the peace of mind of knowing you are indeed looking out for your company’s best interest.

    The AM Best rating process involves a comprehensive analysis of a company’s balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile.  This includes comparisons to peers and industry standards as well as assessments of operating plans, philosophy and management.

    A.M. Best Company is a global full-service credit rating agency dedicated to serving the insurance industry.  It began assigning ratings in 1906, making it the first of today’s agencies to use symbols to differentiate the relative creditworthiness of companies.

    You may see CompTrustAGC’s rating by going to and using the A.M. Best #055028 or by typing in Alabama Branch of Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. Self–Insurers Fund.

    In addition to that rating, CompTrustAGC has given back $101.4 million in contribution credits (dividends) since 1994.  Approximately 330 Alabama AGC members participate in the fund.

    During the 2014 year, our insured’s have been receiving their share of $3 million in credits.

    Also, Alabama AGC has the ability to apply additional discounts to the already reduced premium on new submissions until the insured is eligible to participate in our dividend program.

    Contact Josh Caton at (205) 451-1400 or for membership information. Contact, or have your agent contact, Tammy King at (205) 451-1414 or to get a workers’ compensation quote.


  • The AGC Health Insurance Alternative

    AGC of America has selected Aetna to anchor the association’s new private insurance exchange, The AGC Alternative.

    The AGC Alternative is a private health exchange that operates as an online “e-store” that AGC and Willis have stocked with health and other insurance benefits. It is private, standardized and available to any AGC company looking for a new way to provide such benefits to its employees.

    Initially, The AGC Alternative will be available to AGC companies with 10 or more employees and to AGC chapters with two or more employees.   The association continues to work on options for AGC companies with fewer than 10 employees, and in 2015 it expects to have at least one option for AGC companies with as few as two employees, so stay tuned.  It remains important to find a way for all members to take advantage of this new and exciting initiative.

    For additional information on The AGC Alternative, please visit or contact Christi Reimer, Director, AGC Private Insurance Exchange, at 703-837-5395.

    Aetna was one of three nationwide health insurance carriers vying for the lead role in AGC’s private exchange.  AGC chose Aetna because it has an extensive nationwide network of physicians and health care providers and prior experience with private insurance exchanges.  Aetna has also made a significant commitment to innovative health insurance solutions that appear likely to produce savings for member companies and improve health care for their employees.

    AGC of America has chosen MetLife to provide most of the other insurance products that the private exchange will feature, including the dental coverage, long and short-term disability, life insurance, and a package of legal services.  And AGC of America has chosen EyeMed, the fastest growing managed vision care company in the industry, with 21,000 physical locations across the United States, to provide vision care.

    AGC of America is now finalizing its plans to launch the exchange and begin quoting companies.

    Frequently Asked Questions  

    1. What are the benefits of The AGC Alternative?

    The AGC Alternative makes it much easier for AGC companies to budget the current cost of health and other insurance benefits, and much easier to control their future cost. The exchange also reduces the administrative burden of providing such benefits, gives employees more choices, and facilitates compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

    2. How does The AGC Alternative differ from traditional health care programs that employers have long offered to the employees?

    The AGC Alternative enables AGC companies to change the way they provide health and other insurance benefits to their employees. Instead of making a traditional commitment to pay a certain percentage of current and future premiums for such benefits, AGC companies can simply commit to pay a flat dollar amount. Employees can then go to the exchange and use the employer’s contribution – and any amount they would like to contribute on their own – to shop for and purchase the combination of health and other insurance benefits that fit their individual lifestyles.

    3. Will The AGC Alternative accommodate employees who want to spend more than their employers contribute? Will Willis help AGC companies set up payroll deduction plans?

    Each member company’s exchange can be configured to permit both the employer and its employees to make contributions. If the employer does not already have a Section 125 payroll deduction plan that would enable an employee to contribute pre-tax dollars, Willis can and will guide the employer through the process of setting up such a plan.

    4. Will The AGC Alternative accommodate employees who can neither read nor speak English?

    The AGC Alternative will feature a customer service line that any employee can call for assistance with the enrollment process. This assistance will be available to employees who do not have access to the Internet, and it will also be available in Spanish.

    5. Which companies will be eligible to sign up for The AGC Alternative?

    AGC of America hopes and intends all AGC companies in good standing to be eligible to take advantage of The AGC Alternative. This includes general contractors, specialty contractors, and both suppliers and service providers. It is not, however, certain that all of the insurance carriers will be willing to provide coverage for literally all members of all sizes. It is possible the carriers will require a company to have a minimum number of employees in order to participate.

    6. What will happens to an AGC company that signs up for The AGC Alternative but then drops its AGC membership?

    If a participating company decides, for whatever reason, to drop its membership in AGC, it will retain its exchange and the related plans for the remainder of its plan year, but the company will not be eligible to renew its coverage under The AGC Alternative for the following year. Participating companies must be AGC members in good standing at the time they sign up for the program and when they seek to renew it.

    7. How does AGC plan to roll out the program?

    AGC of America will phase the rollout of the new program. The process will begin with the selection of a national carrier that will anchor the program. The selected carrier will be either competitive or highly competitive in roughly half the states. In 2014, AGC of America will focus on those states, and in particular, on the ones that have also have interested AGC chapters. Beginning in 2015, AGC of America will work with the chapters in the remaining states to identify and substitute state or regional carriers that can better serve their current and potential members. AGC of America will also continue its ongoing discussions with the chapters that already have health insurance programs, in an effort to determine whether, and if so, how The AGC Alternative can add value to what they are already doing.

    8. When can AGC members start getting quotes for coverage?

    Willis will be ready to start collecting data from individual AGC companies and getting them quotes for coverage in July of 2014.

    9. How many different health care plans will the AGC Alternative enable AGC companies to offer to their employees?

    AGC of America expects The AGC Alternative to feature somewhere between six and ten options for health care coverage. Companies will have the discretion of offering their employees all or only some of those options.

    10. Will companies have a chance to see and review these plans before they request a quote for coverage?

    Yes. All of the health care coverage options will be available for companies to review before they request a quote for coverage.

    11. How will rates be determined?

    The carriers will underwrite the coverage for each company, and their standards and procedures will be the same ones that they normally apply and follow. The amount of data they request from a particular company, and exactly how they develop a premium for that company, will depend on several things, such as the company’s location, and the size of its workforce.

    12. Will the AGC Alternative be less expensive for AGC companies than traditional health care programs?

    The AGC Alternative will likely to be less expensive for many AGC member companies because AGC of America will use its buying power to negotiate discounts on the premiums that the carriers would normally charge. Each company’s premium will be different, but across the board, all premiums will be discounted.

    13. When will the first policies go into effect?

    The first policies will take effect on Jan. 1, 2015.

    14. Will all of the AGC companies in the program have to adopt the same plan year (such as the calendar year), or will companies have the option of starting and renewing coverage on a date of their choosing?

    Each company will have the option of starting and renewing coverage on a date of its choosing. The first policies will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2015, and they will renew on Jan. 1, 2016, but companies will have the discretion to start and renew coverage on the first of any given month of the year.

    For additional information on The AGC Alternative, please visit or contact Christi Reimer, Director, AGC Private Insurance Exchange, at 703-837-5395.


  • CM-BIM classes to start on September 12, 2014

    Alabama AGC is proud to announce another round of classes this fall for the Certificate of Management for Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM) program – the industry’s only certificate program.

    The CM-BIM program consists of four – 8 hour classes to be offered at the Alabama AGC Building located at 5000 Granstwood Road, Irondale, Alabama 35210 on the following dates:

    Unit 1: An Introduction to Building Information Modeling – Friday, September 12, 2014

    Unit 2: BIM Technology – Thursday, October 2, 2014

    Unit 3: BIM Contract Negotiation & Risk Allocation – Thursday, November 6, 2014

    Unit 4: BIM Process, Adoption & Integration – Thursday, December 4, 2014

    Should a student wish to obtain the CM-BIM designation, he/she must successfully pass a final exam after attending  all four classes.

    For more information on the CM-BIM program or to sign up for Unit 1, please review attached forms.

    BIMEPOverviewChapterTemplate_2014 Bham

    CM-BIM 2014 U1 Registration-Bham



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